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Simon Clarke leader of the Necro Knights by DaedalusRedoudt
Simon Clarke leader of the Necro Knights
I'm not the best at drawing faces but I'm getting better so yeah me, best one I've drawn yet.


Simon is a high priest in the new order of unitology alongside his mother who is the high priestess of the new order all together and referred to as "Her Holiness" she's sort of the the unitology equivalent of a pope and the Necro Knights serves as her papal guard while not carrying out special missions.

Simon allegedly met Issac a year before he met and Nicole Brennan though he probably didn't know it and therefore remained unaware he of him let alone that they are brothers. In his early life he spent most of his teenage hood and his early adult years in a mental asylum due to his highly unstable mental state in addition to him having random bouts and fits of rage, cannibalistic tendencies, and being a misanthropist. More of this will be revealed later when I complete more chapters.

Like all the Necro Knights he's superhuman and capable of morphing into a beast form but his is yet to be revealed. However his eyes are definitely not exactly human hinting at something horrible lurking beneath.
Necro Knight by DaedalusRedoudt
Necro Knight
These knights are elite of the new order of unitologist in my fanfiction. For hundreds of years they have existed and knew of the Brethren Moons believing and worshipping them as true living gods, unlike the known sect of unitology that worship the avatar of the true force behind them blissfully oblivious to its true nature. Every one of these Knights have gone through a ritual in which they are infected with an engineered necromorphic parasite that makes them into superhumans if it accepts the recruit. If the parasite were to reject its host they would become a rabid beast that attack both non-infected and necromorphs alike and are beyond the marker's control and in turn the moons themselves, these abominations as they call them are immediately destroyed as the moons demand them if one rises from a reject. With this they're only a small number of Knights for only a few survive the ritual because not all are fit to meet the criteria the parasite demands. Aside from being superhumans they are capable of transforming into large necromorph beasts sort of in the manner of a werewolf and can change back an forth to human at will. They all answer and obey the moons and their high priest/leader.
T.G.I.A by DaedalusRedoudt
T.G.I.A or Terran Galactic Intelligence Agency

-Slight Spoiler-

This agency will be the successor to the fallen one that was T.E.D.A 100 years later after the Necro War which during fell to corruption from within by its own leaders and agents that were turned by unitology sleeper agents. As this new organization they are still the same as their predecessors still being faithful and dedicated to the protection of the human race.

With humanity's new home planet Terra which resided in a new galaxy home to other alien races they needed to broaden their horizons to be able to stand against hostile races that might take advantage of humanity's seemingly weak appearance.

Similar to the seal of the predecessor agency there's a karambit in the center, the main differences is the image of planet Terra and its moon colonies.
T.E.D.A by DaedalusRedoudt
T.E.D.A or Terran Elite Defense Agency is a group I made up for my Dead Space fanficitions that plays parts alongside Isaac and his friends in the fighting against the unitologist and the necromorphs. They are a group made of the very best of humanity from every country on Earth, they were deticated to be Earths first and last line of defense against anything that lurked in space around and beyond our galaxy and at times before protecting humanity from itself when needed. On their agency seal is a hand wielding a karambit which they're rather fond of the type of blade hence its their signature weapon many of its divisions use mostly their espionage and military. Compared to EarthGov they are affiliated with them but they are above them, they however still answer to a high council made of high ranking EarthGov officials and military leaders.

There were a lot of groups from movies and such that inspired it such as S.H.I.E.L.D from Marvels universe and The Avengers, a little of Grey Wardens from Dragon Age, and Splinter Cell's 3rd and 4th echelon.

Later in another fanfiction that continues the story they will be replaced and reorganized as a new agency due to the events that take place.
Waater Queen type B by DaedalusRedoudt
Waater Queen type B
These types of queens were very rare and only 3 were ever encountered and slain only by the mightiest of the Knights. These creatures were capable of flight as well as slithering like a snake due to them being limbless, they were significantly more powerful and ferocious then others and can only be killed by attacking its brain which was exposed behind and under its head crest since its was colossal and its neck was much to wide and thick to sever with any weapon. Like the normal type queens it's unclear how they come to be. Unlike normal queens this type did not disintegrate upon death, rather bright light would shoot out from them then they'd violently explode with a visible shockwave extending out from the blast and leaving a large crater and scorched earth afterwards.
Waater Queen- aka Nexi by DaedalusRedoudt
Waater Queen- aka Nexi
The way this creatures came to be is still largely unknown and their appearance alone tells that these things were nothing human or animal. It was said that queens were the final form a carrier would evolve to as a level 6 though only 5 was the highest that could be reached by normal carriers. The most effective way to kill a type A queen was to behead it which must've been no easy task with their height and strength.
Waater Carrier- Level 4 by DaedalusRedoudt
Waater Carrier- Level 4
This Carrier is more human in form then most level 5s for it hasn't reached its full level of infection, nonetheless it's still distant from a human. Carriers or this level often had a lot of musculature and were considered brutes for the method of killing which they pulrurized their victims.
Necklace of King Abigail by DaedalusRedoudt
Necklace of King Abigail
In ancient times Abigail was a unisex name unlike now in modern times where it's only female. This was the royal jewel he wore during his reign but this jewel was cursed and it sadly led to his kingdom's downfall as well as his own for as much power it gave to its barer it also took a lot away, so much it took everything from him. It took his wife and queen, his son and daughter and all the people whom he ruled and loved. From the ashes of his kingdom only this jewel was left.
Ashamerethir- The Twilight Dragon
Aka The Blind Dragon is another deity in my religions pantheon. He often is regarded as a dark God for his past hobbies in ancient times where he razed cities and such reducing them to smoldering ash, coupled with a sinister personality but despite that he was allegedly comedic and sarcastic. People, often wicked that worshipped him often offered sacrifices and occasionally virgin women sometimes even men to him for casual sex of course he was able to shapeshift so he can make himself human for when he had his fun. In human form he was said to take the form of a muscular man with short blonde hair that was in his late 20s to early 30s, Amber colored eyes that glowed dimly and ominously in the dark.
The Demented by DaedalusRedoudt
The Demented
A highly evolved variation of the Creeper necromorph Michael Altman encountered when the Black Marker was first discovered. It is a nightmarish entity that can move about like living a puddle of black oily goo and can shape itself into many forms but mostly as its depicted. This being was made by unitology scientists who used gene and DNA splicing experiments along with markers, !(Spoiler Alert)! this creature was made from the unborn fetus of Isaac's youngest brother from those experiments as the eyes color can hint. I decided to try a making a background for this one which shows four of the Brethren Moons with their tentacles squirming about and a violet colored marker possessing an eerie mauve glow. The area in the drawings is supposed to be the place Isaac or anyone afflicted by the Moon's and or marker's dementia are sent to when they go inside and fight in their own minds.
This is an entry I made a while ago that talks about very powerful fiend types in my religion's pantheon though its more like monsterpedia hope its interesting reading.       

The Duvalliox (du-vall-i-ox) are an elite race of dark fiends created by the King of Darkness that serve and reside close to him uncompromisingly loyal to him and only him and those he allows to command them. It’s said that those that get corrupted or die by the emotions these vile creatures are birthed and are comprised from can return back to life as one of these dark fiends, an obedient slave to the ruler of evil. Those who were once human or anything else that now resides with him can never again be human or otherwise for they have been corrupted beyond recognition by the worst of the negative emotions, Despair, Hatred, Anger, Sorrow. There are a number of classes of dark fiend that are classified by their level of evil within them and are classified into two main categories all together as, Nightmare and Abyssmal.

Category I- Nightmare Fiends- Fiends are the first legion of the armies of the dark depths. They are the weakest of the two legions but are still not to be underestimated, like any dark fiend they are vicious and merciless and near mindless killing machines who embody the worst negative emotions.    

The three classes of the Nightmares.
I.    Scunner
II. Lesser Bloods
III. Hell Casters

Scunners: As their name suggests are the vile and the weakest of the Nightmares. This category is further broken down as,

Scunner- Blade: Embodiments of Jealousy.

Scunner- Maggot: Embodiments of Repugnance.    

Scunner- Lust: Embodiments of unexpressed Desires.  

Scunner- Wrath: Embodiments of Bile.

Hell Casters: Are powerful elemental dark fiends that can bend nature’s elements to their will. Unlike the lesser fiends of the Duvalliox these are extremely intelligent and are often underestimated for their low position in the hierarchy but are indeed more dangerous than some members of the Abyssmal category.          

Hell Caster- Hudor: Made from water animated by the rage of a drowned person’s soul.  

Hell Caster- Glaciem: Made the same way as Hudor but stronger.    

Hell Caster- Gaia: Created by the anger and utter fear of a person who was buried alive.

Hell Caster- Metallum: Made the same way as Gaia but the level of fear and anger was significantly greater even after being resurrected, their bodies became as dense and strong as steel.      

Hell Caster- Pyro: Created by the vengeful souls of those burned alive be it by accident or intentional.  

Hell Caster- Bronto: Made in the same way to the Pyro as well as those killed in life by lightning or via electrocution, their rage from their wrongful or untimely death has resurrected them into these monsters.    

Hell Caster- Auro: It is unknown how exactly the Auro Hell caster comes to be.  

Hell Caster- Energeia: The same with Auro its unclear how its created.

Lesser Bloods: Are dark fiends made of blood mostly from humans that were sacrificed their malice animated the vast puddles of blood made from these murders of innocents. There is only one member of the Lesser Bloods but the power of “one” being is another thing that is underestimated, for only one may be needed to bring down an army of a million.          

Category II- Abyssmal Fiends- Are the second and final legion of the dark armies of the more frozen regions of the dark abyss. These are considered to be the strongest and vilest of all the dark slaves of evil, dark fiends of this classification are very strong and have the power to destroy entire lands and if they desire so even level mountains, it’s said that some of these Category II’s are so evil, their very presence causes water and liquids to boil, and some objects sometimes things that represent or symbolizes good and life to catch fire, plants and flowers have been known to wilt and burn near these fiend types till they’re black and charred.

The Three classes of the Abyssmals.
I. Greater Bloods
II. Furys
III. Angelos
IV. Abyssmal Knights

Greater Bloods: More advanced blood based dark fiends made in the same fashion as their lesser forms, only the main component of these fiends is the blood spilled by sacrificed infants rather than adults, these are the rage of souls that never grew to experience the world and its wonders and as one should, forever cursing them to never recognize the light that makes a soul flourish.

Mal-Ice Blood: Is a terrifying blood based dark fiends made out of frozen blood, its theorized that this one is frozen because of the immensely cold depths of the abyss whether if this is true or not is anyone’s guess. A more likely reason is that they are so soulless and empty from not living and experiencing anything in life that they are cold and utter remnants of something never realized by anyone nor life itself.      

Hemamancer: It is said that these bloodmancers were the ones that created the Lesser Bloods and the Mal-Ice Bloods through dark magic ritual sacrifices in which they murdered the innocent men, woman, and infants to make their monstrosities. They use dark blood magic to twist and corrupt the innocent blood creating the Lesser and Grater Bloods. Being basically hemakinetic they can control it at will in both the living and the dead, they can use it to torture people by making their own blood attack their own bodies from the inside. If these dark fiends like any of the ones of the Duvalliox were ever human, they are forever lost and cursed to be slaves of evil.                            

Vile Grim: These are the King of Darkness’s personal reapers they are often sent by him to reap and deliver the souls of both innocents and evil people alike for an unknown but likely horrible a purpose very few have fought and killed a Vile Grim and lived to tell the tale. These monsters have the power to reach into the body of a person and or living thing and rip its soul right out of its vessel, they are disgusting skeletal abyssmal jackals that hunt and feed for an unsuspecting soul, they have been seen using boned scythes stained with blood that they enjoy using to cut a body in half down the middle and snatch its soul.          

“Odiumque Incarnatus” or Hatred Incarnate: Pure embodiments of hate that devour their prey with their large razor sharped toothed mouth and slash with their long talons. These dark fiends serve was the gate keepers of the arch-like doorways to the King’s palace, though they do get agitated by their duties standing around guarding the colossal stairwell they would not dare abandon them as they will feel their wrath of their master. Their seven eyes enable them to see in all conditions and gives them a very strong sense of their environment in other words, it’s almost impossible to sneak up on one.          

Furious: The bodies of capital criminals from many civilizations were sentenced to be trapped in steel body cages and hang off cliff sides were ravens and crows would feast on them both dead and alive slowly peaking them to death until they were bones. Like many people who died or endured horrible things, these people returned as hulking muscular-like body caged skeletons that burn on fire with fury generated by their rage and malice for the pain they suffered during their last hours being fed on by hungry crows, these giants stood eight to twelve feet tall dragging large bladed and spiked flails to fight. The most notable Furious was named in life as General Xaxtus Mortzullus who would later earn the title of “Imprisoned the Furious”. He was the Bazartharv emperor’s most trusted and greatest general many years before Vardulus assumed power over the old Holy Bazartharv Empire. The old emperor sentenced him to the horrid fate after he personally discovered his best general was sexually involved with his thirteen-year-old daughter the princess, enraged by his violation in the trust he had in him he personally cut off his sexual organs and boiled him alive in black oil, oil that drips off his skeleton and body cage today leaving a black steaming sticky trail.                          

Angelos: Are immensely powerful and feared dark fiends that were once light elementals and or are artificially created embodiments of light. These include fallen and exiled Arcadians or is some beliefs called (angels) and dark fiends that possess both fiendish and angelic traits that classify them as hybrids that align with the darkness.

Faux Angelo: Dark fiends with angelic traits or sometimes created fiends that masquerade as beings of good and light that murder their prey after toying with them.

Lapso Angelo: In other religious terms a “fallen angel” or in truth an exiled or criminal Arcadian that has embraced darkness and evil corrupting them into dark light beings where the light from their glowing bodies shines dim and dark as if it where shining through a dusty and dirty window.      

Abyssmal Knight: These are amongst the most powerful dark fiends there are next to the Angelos, in short they are the closest a dark fiend can get and evolve to being anything near the King of Darkness or any Dark God and or Deity. All dark fiend breeds fear and bow before these four royal knights of the abyss, little is known about them except their names and what they embody, these four have since their birth countless eons ago have served the King of Darkness loyally without question and if by some stroke of luck or chance they ever fail their master, he and only he can destroy them for no one not even their seemingly polar opposites that embody the capital virtues can’t even lay a hurting blow to them.

The names of the Knights:

Abyssmal Knight of Hopelessness: Vasasodd

Abyssmal Knight of Intemperance: Mazarra            

Abyssmal Knight of Carelessness: Tizvall-lumin              

Abyssmal Knight of Injustice: Vakma-Sol            


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I’m an ordinary young adult who loves video games and drawing, not really much to me. When it comes to drawing I tend to be very different from most people because I draw things that some may relate to but in a different way and other things people might be flummoxed by.

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